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Saturday, November 27, 2004

Quick Start

Today, my blogging experience starts. I was mainly motivated to start a blog by looking at my friend Rafa's one. Surely his and his wife Ivannia's lives are more exciting than mine but, anyway, I'll try to keep up with the Joneses.

Today I left for my new house early in the morning (7 a.m. considering it's Saturday). This new house I bought is a 10-min. bike ride from my mom's house, where I live now. The house is empty and I plan to bring my furniture and stuff only after leaving it on a "livable" condition. Since it's brand-new, I need to look for new floors, wall paint, kitchen cabinets, blinds, etc. for it.

What is so exciting about this house anyway? To make a long story short, I came back to Colombia from the U.S. only three months ago, and I am trying to re-build a life here after almost five years spent in Washington, D.C.

Back to the house, today it's the fourth time I am called there to wait for the natural gas guys to come to install a gas meter (natural gas, LNG, is a public utility distributed to homes in Colombia, similarly as water and electricity.) I was there from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. and nobody showed up. I have to say I am getting used to it again: unfortunately in this country, very few businesses and people are respectful of your time and they use to make appointments and commitments they never honor and, since some of them are the sole providers of a product, they do what they want and show up when they want. Generally speaking, customer service at most utility companies sucks.

My stomach forced me to get back home and have lunch, then I sat down to write this not so great first entry in my blog. Well, I tried to make it not too long the first time.

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Rafael said...

Good start, we all want to hear more about your "un-events".

¿Qué tal un blog en español?